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Southern Connecticut UV Lights for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is the leading Southern Connecticut heating and air conditioning company in Southern Connecticut for UV lights and air filtration systems that effectively kill bacteria and prevent viruses and disease from spreading via airborne pollutants.

What’s the big deal about UV light air purification systems? Well, consider your home’s indoor air. Most people leave their windows shut constantly, and this results in air that is recirculated throughout our homes over and over again…without an injection of “fresh” air. Over time this air becomes stale and bacteria become concentrated causing all sorts of allergies, upper respiratory problems, and health concerns. UV light treatments are very beneficial in the fight for better indoor air quality as they effectively “freshen” the air by killing all the bad bacteria that gets trapped in the recirculation.

How UV Lights work to Clean Air

Having an air purifier or HEPA air filter is a great step toward getting cleaner air for your home; but it can be better. These products can only do so much in fighting bacteria. UV lights are highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs like viruses and bacteria, helping to complete your indoor air quality system. Let your air filtration system trap the allergens while the UV light air cleaner kills germs, bacteria, viruses and mold. Call your Southern Connecticut HVAC contractor to learn more: (203) 285-3117.

If you are looking for air and media filters in Southern Connecticut, please call us at (203) 285-3117 or fill out our online request form.

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