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Thinking of switching to gas in Southern Connecticut or the surrounding areas? Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC offers high quality oil to gas conversions for homeowners in Southern Connecticut looking to keep heating costs down in the winter and cooling costs down in the summer. Switching to natural gas can help you save a lot of money on your heating and air conditioning costs while also helping you feel better about “going green” with your home’s indoor comfort. Our Southern Connecticut heating and air conditioning company can show you how, and ensure you get the premium products and fair pricing you crave.

It’s not just a matter of saving money – it’s about doing what’s better for your family and the environment. Call Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC today at (203) 285-3117 to learn more about our oil to gas conversions in Southern Connecticut and the surrounding areas, and find out whether your home would benefit from the switch.

Why should you convert from Oil to Natural Gas in Southern Connecticut?

  • Once converted, you’ll save on heating and cooling bills. You’ll notice a drop in your heating bill once our Southern Connecticut oil to gas conversions specialists finish the job, simply for updating to a new, more efficient, heating system. Since natural gas also burns cleaner and safer than oil, you’ll be adding additional value to your home if ever you decide to sell. Natural gas appliances also require a lot less maintenance and run virtually worry free. This’ll benefit you in the long run in terms of saving as well as the short term.
  • Natural Gas is a very “green” fuel. Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel on the planet and produces no soot. Typically, natural gas heating in Southern Connecticut and the surrounding areas emits 40% less CO2 than oil and almost no traces of Sulfur Dioxide at all. These are the two major contributors to global warming and acid rain. Converting from natural gas will reduce your carbon footprint significantly and make you feel good about your Southern Connecticut home.
  • Natural Gas is more dependable. With natural gas, you’ll never need to worry about not receiving a delivery on time or going without heat in inclement weather in Southern Connecticut and the surrounding areas. Natural gas pumps right into your home just like water does, eliminating any fears of potentially running out of fuel.
  • Natural Gas is a domestic product. 99% of the natural gas used in the United States comes from North America. So it’s not just a great idea for fueling your home in Southern Connecticut, but a great idea for fueling the economy.

Benefits of Upgrading to High-Efficiency Gas Heating Systems

Today’s gas heating systems are manufactured using cutting-edge “green” technology that promote high-efficiency operation and Energy Star compliance that will lower your monthly utility bills while increasing system performance. These heating systems are so efficient they last considerably longer on average than traditional heating systems and add high return on investment by adding additional value to your home.

The Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC Installation Process

Once contacted Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC will set up an in-home evaluation of your heating system needs and discuss the best possible solution for your budget requirements. We’ll analyze your current heating system and identify the areas where it can be improved, from there we offer a no-obligation estimate for the cost of your equipment upgrades and labor.

If you are looking for Oil to Gas Conversions in Southern Connecticut, please call us at (203) 285-3117 or fill out our online request form.

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