Basic Information About Furnace Repair

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In order to prevent any major cessation of heat during a Southern Connecticut winter, it is important for homeowners to understand the basics of how their furnace works, the different components that make up your furnace, the importance of routine maintenance and inspections, and common repairs for various problems.

Your Southern Connecticut family relies on your residential furnace to produce that warm and comfortable living environment that they expect and deserve during the harshest cold weather.  If a homeowner fails to properly maintain the residential furnace, your family could suffer needlessly when your furnace gives out when they need it most.

The best and most reliable way to ensure that your home furnace operates effectively and efficiently all winter long is to develop a relationship with a professionally licensed furnace repair contractor.  A heating professional can provide you with routine check-ups and tune-ups that put your family’s heating system in the best position to prevent unexpected failure.

The furnace repair experts at Modern Heating & Air Conditioning provide the highest quality furnace maintenance and repair services in Southern Connecticut.  In between inspections, their knowledgeable professionals believe that all Southern Connecticut homeowners should understand the following furnace repair basics.

Furnace Operation Basics

All furnaces operate in relatively the same fashion.  As cold air enters the system, it is filtered.  The air is then heated by either a gas or electrical system.  The warm air is then pushed through ductwork within the walls of your home.  This air enters the various rooms of your house via a vent.  As the air cools, it returns to the furnace, and the cycle repeats, with the safe air completing the cycle around seven times a day.

Your Southern Connecticut furnace is a complicated system that has many parts that are susceptible to malfunction.  As examples, common system malfunctions occur in everything from your thermostat to safety protocols of pilot light ignition systems.  Other problems can result from electricity source issues or blower motor malfunction.

Because of a furnace’s complexity, it is always best to have a licensed furnace repair contractor conduct maintenance on your furnace. The heating professional will be able to identify and repair the problem quickly, precisely, and safely.

Common Furnace Repair Solutions

Furnace problems can manifest in one of three ways: (1) the furnace does not operate at all, (2) the furnace is operating in a sub-par fashion, or (3) the furnace operates by shuts off prematurely.  The following are common repair services that a furnace professional can provide to solve each issue.

When a furnace does not operate at all, the problem probably involves an entire subsystem failure.  Common solutions to this problem include repairing a thermostat, pilot light, ignition system, or electrical heating system.

When a furnace is not operating in an efficient manner, the problem probably results for poor maintenance and neglect.  By conducting routine inspection and maintenance services, the professional furnace repair contractors at Modern Heating & Air Conditioning can prevent inefficient furnace operation.

When a furnace shuts off prematurely, the problem probably is resulting from the system undergoing too much stress.  Common solutions involve blower motor repair, airflow obstruction removal, gas burner repairs, and air filter changes.

If you are in need of furnace repair, inspection, maintenance, or replacement services in Southern Connecticut, call Modern Heating & Air Conditioning at (203) 295-7549, or fill out our online request form.